Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers

Facial fillers are used to fill out and soften deep facial folds. They can be used to plump out lips, scars or deep facial hollows.

Fillers have been used since the 1800s or earlier. Older fillers have included silicone, animal collagen and fat. Currently, we like to use hyaluronic acid products for their convenience and low incidence of allergy. 

Hyaluronic acid is a sugar complex found in all living organisms. It is mainly found in the skin where it improves volume, pliability and cell growth. It is also found in the muscles and skeleton. It has the ability to bind to water and is used in moisturisers.

How much does the procedure cost?

Depending on what area you are treating - costs start at $50 and can go up to $1000. No matter what your shape, desires or budget - we are here to accommodate you. 

We can use 4-5 different fillers for a personalized experience. Depending on your age, skin texture and area, we'll find the perfect product to create the best result.


$400 per 1ml

$50 per 0.1


 $500 per 1ml

$880 for 2ml


$400 per 1ml (Exact quotes given within consultation)

How long does the procedure take?

We book you in for 60 minutes. This includes initially chatting about what you would like to achieve, applying anesthetic cream (to numb your lips) and doing the injecting.

How long will it last?

The filler will remain in your lips for up to 12 months but we suggest coming back between 6-9 months to keep the effect and reduce loosing volume.

Is it painful?

Dermal fillers is quite a simple procedure. We place anesthetic cream on to help with the pain but it is not to painful.

 What's the down time like?

After the treatment, expect some swelling and possible bruising. We suggest you go home and ice your lips to minimize swelling afterwards and stop taking any blood thinning tablets 1 week before your treatment.

Below, 1ml of filler is used to give a more prominent, defined chin.

Possible Complications

Redness and swelling are common and bruising may occur - this can last up to one week after lip treatments. Avoid Vitamin E, blood thinning medication and anti-inflammatory drugs for one week beforehand. 

Reactivation of pre-existing cold sores can occur - so anti-viral medication is recommended.

Complications including allergy, infection, granuloma (lump) formation, skin necrosis(skin tissue death) and visual impairment are rare. Contact the doctor if there is bleeding, pain, swelling, dusky discolouration, eye pain, blurred vision or headache.

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